Video production and development


As Engagement, Learning and Communication Lead for CASA , I oversee the production of all webinars, online events and expert interviews of the programme, with the goal of driving global investment for climate-resilient agri-food systems and increased smallholder incomes.

CASA 4x4 expert interviews

An innovative interview format to drive through difficult terrain, in which an expert is asked 4 questions and has 4 minutes to answer each of the questions. 

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CASA Agribusiness breakthrough webinar series

A monthly webinar series with partners and external organisations to discuss new research and emerging trends to make the case for increased investment in agriculture.


CASA's Global investor summit at AGRF 2020 and 2021

Annual event to showcase cutting edge research and promote stakeholder additionality, framed within AGRF's Deal Room.

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CASA Rethinking agribusiness investments through the pandemic

CASA was the first programme to organise a webinar series to discuss the implications of the pandemic on agricultural investments and potential avenues for recovery.

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