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Addressing the world's problems requires collaboration between different types of stakeholders and across multiple disciplines - no single person or organisation will ever be able to promote sustainable change. It requires innovation and outside the box thinking - old approaches will never be enough to respond to the complexity of the problems we currently face. It also requires a combination of bottom up and top down approaches, where development professionals and programmes become enablers for self development and growth. But above all, it requires constant dedication, willingness to listen, learn and adapt

I am a team builder and experienced development professional that has worked for the last 15 years with governments, capital providers, food and beverage companies and development actors in the field of agricultural development and livelihoods, including access to finance, the use of new technologies for agriculture, promotion of nutrition and women empowerment in the developing world.

I am currently working for CABI as Private Sector Engagement Manager, establishing and managing new partnerships with private sector companies both at the corporate and programme levels. I also work as Engagement, Learning & Communication Lead for FCDO's Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA), which is a 5-year and £30 million programme financed by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. I am responsible for overseeing, managing and providing quality control to all activities related to stakeholder engagement (investors, governments, donors and other support stakeholders), high impact research commissioning, development communications and event management of the CASA Programme.

My main areas of Expertise are: Private Sector Engagement, Inclusive Market Development, Agriculture Investment, Public Private Partnerships, Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D), Food & Livelihoods, Knowledge Exchange and Extension Services and Women Empowerment on Care Work.

I am a development economist by training. I graduated in Business and Economic Administration and hold a Masters degree in Globalisation and Development from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).
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